Axel Rooney (Quote card only)


Greeting Cards $4.50.  Available as a Quote card. Discounts apply for orders of 10+ cards = $3.50, 40+ cards = $3.00 plus postage.

Available as a quote card reading “Born a dog, died a Gentleman.” (It is from an epitaph on a dog’s gravestone in Maryland, USA.)

Back of card reads:  Axel Rooney is a dog who has escaped his destiny.  While his sheep-chasing parents and siblings sleep in 44 gallon drum kennels after an honest day’s work on the farm, Axel snuggles into a fireside bed with a bundle of toys, tired only from chasing his frisbee.
Born in the dust of the West Australian wheatbelt, Axel can now be found in the lush foothills of Hobart’s Mt Wellington, wearing one of his various coats to keep out the chill.  But every now and then, in a country paddock with the Woonwooring Kelpie blood stirring in his veins, Axel shows a few sheep what he’s made of.

Printed in Australia on FSC paper.

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