Paddy and Dawsey


Square format cards $2.00.  Bookmarks $1.00.

Discounts apply for orders of 10+ cards = $3.50, 40+ cards = $3.00 plus postage.

Available as a blank greeting card, a square format card, and as a bookmark.  The bookmark reads:  “The best mirror is an old friend.”  George Herbert



Back of card reads:  Paddy Pademelon and her friend, Dawsey, have enjoyed making the most of a good thing since being rescued (separately) by the roadside as orphans.  As they both matured they began living their own lives although the door was always open for them to come and go as they pleased.  To their carer’s delight, year after year, Paddy has brought into their home new joeys of her own.  The ‘melons’ are treasures to have around.